More About Us…..

  • Our boutique realty is geared to provide sellers, buyers, renters and landlords with prompt attention, up-to-date and reliable information, accurate property evaluations and focused searches.
  • Our aim is make whatever type of property transaction you have decided to undertake, as effortless and stress-free as possible. You can be assured of professional and courteous service at all times together with our undertaking to escort you through the various stages of your property transaction up to contract.
  • We are able to refer you to tried-and-trusted professionals for legal council, financial advice, architectural and interior designer services, builders and property managers.
  • As members of Shiran (the Multiple Listing Service of Jerusalem), we work seamlessly with the city’s other realtors while advertising on leading property websites both in Israel and abroad.
  • For those of you looking for homes out of Jerusalem – we are well connected with agents in other parts of the country and would be glad to work with them on your behalf.
  • On occasion, we also work in the commercial sector.

Our Mission Statement…

With more than 20 years of experience, our reputation both with our clients and our fellow agents, has been built on our integrity, discretion and professionalism.

As our client, you will receive courteous, prompt, personal service at all times, and benefit from our expertise and continuing dedication to quality.

Our goal is to satisfy your unique personal needs as we guide you through the process of purchasing your dream home in Jerusalem, whether as your permanent domicile, as a second home or as an investment for the future.

Selling or Buying a Property

Real estate transactions are probably the major business transactions that the majority of us make in their lives. Consequently it is recommended to use the services of a realtor, especially if you are not familiar with the myriad aspects of making a deal happen - from the survey of the property, to setting up the optimal financing arrangements for your particular situation, to the legal check of the status of the property prior to the drawing up of a contract.

The Israeli "Brokers Law" which was instituted in 1996, regulates our profession by rigidly stimulating all aspects of our interaction with our clients, ranging from the body of professional knowledge we are required to master, to proficiency, transparency and responsibility.

Advantages of using a professional real estate consultant

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the neighborhoods in which he/she specializes
  • An understanding of the needs of the clients
  • An ability to find a “tailored”/customized solution for each client’s requirements within the framework of his/her/their budget


I want to buy (or sell) some real property. What should I be considering?

A. Clarifying:

  1. The neighborhoods which suit your requirements (schools, synagogues, transport/parking issues)
  2. The size of the property you require (number of rooms, bathrooms, extra features such as floor, outside space, storeroom etc)
  3. Your budget and whether you wish to buy a renovated or unrenovated property 

B. Selecting a real estate broker who will:

  1. Maintain open, ongoing and honest communication with you.
  2. Serve as your ‘personal agent' by guiding you through each and every step in the process of your real estate transaction, while enabling you ultimately to make an informed decision.
  3. Spare you disappointments and false hopes while saving you time and (hopefully) money.

C. Selecting a lawyer who specializes in real estate and who “talks your language”

D.  Getting advice regarding the various financing options available both in Israel and abroad.

You should be informed about your financing options. Often dollar loans in Israel can be less expensive than the cost of tying up cash that, otherwise, yields more than the loan's cost. The decision you will make should be an informed one that takes into consideration your unique circumstances. 

What is the customary real estate broker's fee, and when is it due?

The customary real estate broker's fee in Israel is payable by each side of the transaction (both seller and buyer). It is 2% of the inclusive price of the property. A Valued Added Tax/VAT of 18% of the broker's fee must be added to the basic fee. The full payment of the broker's fee is due upon the signing of a binding agreement to sell or buy the property.

What is the benefit of having a real estate lawyer throughout the search for or sale of my property? And what is the customary lawyer's fee?

A real estate lawyer can spare you trial-and-error and save you time and money. The lawyer will:


  • Outline the local real estate tax laws as they apply to you so that you can select the most advantageous legal way to purchase or sell your property
  • Draw up and/or examine all legal documents and satisfy all legal requirements associated with your real estate transaction.
  • Check the property's title.

The customary lawyer's fee ranges between ½%-2% depending upon the lawyer and the complexity of the transaction. VAT must be added to this fee.

Before I sign a contract to purchase a property, should I have the property checked? By whom? And what should such a survey cost?

It is recommended that a property be checked by a licensed and reputable engineer before you go to contract. Generally the engineer's fee ranges from $400 to $500, depending on the size and the state of the property. Should you want to make changes to the property, you will  probably also need an architect to advise and inform you of the feasibility, time and cost of the renovations you require. Some changes could require municipal permits which could be obtained by the architect and for which  additional fees will be charged. The architect’s fees are dependent on the work to be done, the materials used etc.


We will ensure that your property sells well and sells fast